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We collect a non-refundable deposit to secure your date. The full balance payment is due one month before your event. You’ll also get a digital contract to sign. As your event date approaches, we’ll partner with you to help you fill out our song selection form.
Yes, absolutely! We’ve played at hundreds of weddings and can help you curate the playlist. Just let us know what type of vibe you’re going for and we can use our experience to pick songs that we know work best.
Yes, we can play outdoor events with a few caveats: Our wooden instruments are very sensitive to cold temperatures, so we can’t play outside if it’s under 50 degrees. For temperatures between 50-60 degrees, we ask that a heater is provided so we can remain outdoors with you. In the event of rain (even the slightest drizzle), we need to be COMPLETELY sheltered. Also for summer weddings we need to be in the shade, either natural shade under a tree or something, or an umbrella.
Our musicians play acoustically, without amplification. We find that for ceremonies we typically don’t need to be amplified. Our sound will carry, and everyone will be able to hear us as you walk down the aisle. If you’re expecting over 100 guests at cocktail hour, sometimes the venue or the DJ is able to set up a microphone in front of the ensemble to help amplify the sound.
Yes, absolutely! We just have to make sure our parts are in the same key that a singer sings in. We do charge a small fee if a brief rehearsal is required before the event.
We have an extensive network of subs that we’ve worked with for years. Many of us went to school together, so in the event that one or more musicians can’t attend for whatever reason we will find an excellent replacement!
We collect a non-refundable deposit to secure your date. However if you are rescheduling your event, we will roll over your deposit towards any future date free of charge. Events cancelled within two weeks of your date are subject to only a partial refund. There is a clause in our contract that outlines this!

What our clients have said about us

What a phenomenal vendor to work with! Going into our wedding, we knew that were were going to have a short ceremony; so, we wanted to add in some extra details that would make it extra special and Deoc Ensemble was it. The trio was extremely professional and timely. We allowed them to pick whatever classical songs they felt fit the vibe of the wedding as guest found their seats. Everyone raved about how great the trio sounded. What made it extra special is that the trio played a requested song that was not on their song list. It turned out beautiful. I really appreciate the group going above and beyond to fit our wants!

– Kelsey B.

The Deoc Ensemble made our wedding a ton of fun! The team was super easy to work with both leading up to the wedding as well as the day of. The ensemble played both the ceremony as well as a cocktail hour, and our guests were still talking about them the next day! I was particularly impressed that the new songs we requested (for an upcharge) were played just as well as any on their existing repertoire. Highly, highly recommend!

– Erik L.

The Deoc Ensemble is hands down one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. They were an absolute pleasure to work with throughout wedding planning. They were FUN, patient, and easy to communicate with! They are also INSANELY GOOD!!! Every song we requested was played so well and they have an incredible playlist to choose from. You have to choose this quartet! Lastly, have them play during dinner! We only chose 30 minutes and even though it felt short, it was incredible!!! Don’t question it, HIRE THEM ASAP!!!

– Lara N.